brain in a bowl


I played Nethack and System Shock at an impressionable age. Then I played Morrowind and Deus Ex at another impressionable age. No More Heroes, Demon's Souls and Bloodborne? Those were additional impressionable ages. I'm just an impressionable person.

Now I try to make games that are like those games, but different.

  1. Whitestone: Survival
    Dec 28th 2019

    Whitestone: Survival

  2. Hallways
    Dec 26th 2019


  3. Life is about balance
    Dec 26th 2019

    Life is about balance

  4. Silly Goblins
    Dec 26th 2019

    Silly Goblins

  5. Survivor
    Dec 26th 2019


  6. Rogue 451
    Dec 26th 2019

    Rogue 451